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LIV Z series are transversely folding cranes, they take the minimum installation space in transport position on the truck and possess excellent working characteristics. Cranes with capacity from 50 to 260 kNm were developed specially for loading short and long wood. Although these cranes were designed for this purpose, they are more and more used to handle waste materials.

A wide range selection of cranes with load capacity from 50 to 260 kNm and a range of up to 48.6 feet encourages users to select their optimal version depending on the type and requirements of the job. While sophistically built and designed, our cranes are easy to operate and simple to run and handle. Our products pride themselves in flexibility for a variety of work tasks, outstanding performance and durability of equipment as a whole. Above mentioned are just some of the many benefits that Tajfun LIV hydraulic cranes provide to a satisfied customer.

LIV Z3 series – These cranes are distinguished from other »Z« models by a new generation of boom systems with inner hoses and double extension of outriggers till 5.5m which enables the best stability among all cranes on the market. Cranes were developed for loading short wood and timber. They are manufactured with outreaches from 7.8 to 9.6 m and capacity from 108 to 244 kNm, with single or simultaneously extendable double telescopic extension. Although cranes were designed for loading timber, they are increasingly being used to handle waste materials.

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We offer the latest and best modern forestry cranes built by the Tajfun LIV company from Slovenia. We also offer warranty and convenient payment methods. Please contact us for orders or information.