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The »NZ« series are specialized cranes for working with waste materials. They combine all good qualities of the »Z« series cranes, but they have only one outer boom cylinder. The advantage of these models is the reduced possibility of outer boom cylinder damages when working with waste material, namely larger pieces of scrap metal. Besides this advantage a special construction allows the mounting of a polyp grapple up to 320 liters. They are manufactured in capacity range from 63 to 140 kNm in versions with one or two telescopic extensions.

The »K« series cranes are distinguished by their power and robustness. During transport, these cranes can be parked longitudinally on the load or in the loading area. They are distinguished from other non-folding cranes by the power link between the main and outer boom. This enables additional increase of the lifting moment in the horizontal position. The K-cranes with a great variety of boom systems, single or double telescopic extension, comply with most of the customer requirements. These are versatile cranes for loading short and long timber and also waste materials. Besides the model L90K this family includes a new generation of cranes with inner hoses and double extension of outriggers up to 5.1 m, which enables the best stability among all cranes on the market. These are all – purpose cranes for handling all dimensions of wood and waste materials. They are manufactured in capacity range from 90 to 163 kNm and are suitable for truck, as well as for static mounting.

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We offer the latest and best modern recycle cranes built by the Tajfun LIV company from Slovenia. We also offer warranty and convenient payment methods. Please contact us for orders or information.